About Us



David Young, Owner



We are a U.S. Navy veteran owned company.  Our goal is to bring customers a collection of items that they would love displayed in their office, man cave, she shed, or home.  We offer a variety of collectible items that come from some of you favorite companies like Funko, Bandai, Hasbro, and McFarlane  Toys.  We pride ourselves on offering competitive prices and quality goods.  We know you have an option to buy from other organizations, but we hope that we make your shopping experience enjoyable enough that you make AWESOME COLLECTIBLES & TOY STORE your go to online shopping experience.


Our Name:

I have always been fascinated in collecting unique and awesome items from toys to comic books to trading cards.  Collecting has always been a passion of mine.  That is where our name stems from the AWESOME COLLECTIBLES & TOYS that drives our collections.


Our logo:

The company logo comes from the Hwarang warriors from my ancestral background.  The story behind our logo derives from Hwarang from the Flowering Knights of 1st century BC to 10th century AD Silla Kingdom of Korea.  The youths who were chosen by the Silla Kingdom became the knights and warriors for the Silla Dynasty within the age of the Three Kingdoms of Korea.  The logo is made up of an arrow within the A that represents the Hunt one undergoes to find that one AWESOME collectible and the 5 lines on the A represent the Hwarang's code and it's five principles.  That warrior exists in all of us and is there to fend off the evils that constantly attack us.  These Hwarang or Flowering Knights were known as Deadly Warriors that looked and smelled good.  This brought purpose and meaning to my company and led me to what one would see in a warrior bringing forth a hunter's prowess needed to face the onslaught of the world and provide that extra help to reach their goal.  Whatever your goal is, start your fight and become enraged enough to overcome all the challenges in your path.  As a warrior, the Hwarang couldn't cower in the corner.....they had to fight.  And, fight is what I did.  I wanted a better life for my family and so AWESOME COLLECTIBLES & TOY STORE was created.


Our Values:

Hwarang's code

Loyalty to one's lord - I am a Christian man and I hold faith close to my heart.  Everyone has something that guides them in their life.  Something that tells them what is right or wrong and usually checks us on our ability to do the right thing.  In my heart, it is Jesus Christ that talks to me and carries me through my hard times.  Without his guidance, I don't believe that I could have walked through my tough times.

Love and respect your parents and teachers - I believe that family is the foundation that holds us all together.  Whether your family is relatives, friends, or colleagues, our lives revolve around these individuals.  They represent the reason we fight so hard to win our everyday battles.

Honor among friends - Many may know what honor means.  However, to plainly state it, honor is high respect.  I am Korean and in my heritage, honor is a strong part of the culture.  If a person disrespects their family name, they are often disowned and made to leave the family.  I know this may sound cruel, but I believe that a person should represent their family to the best of their ability.  They should not bring any trouble to the family.

Never retreat in battle - Courage is what gives each of us the fight to go on even in the face of danger.  No matter how hard things get, a person of courage can rise up to the challenge.

Never take a life without a just cause - A person should always stick to their commitments, their promises, and their word.  These things should not be given lightly for a person is bonded to them.  If you do not uphold to your commitments, you will soon lose respect and trust.  Once you lose that, it will be many years before you can earn them back.  Do not risk your life.  Ensure you live up to your desires....your hopes.....and your dreams.

That is AWESOME COLLECTIBLES & TOY STORE and what we stand for.  Again, I want to thank you for visiting our store and we look forward to being your go to shopping experience for all your collectible needs.


~ David Young